"Darlene Hope

is Sly, Wise & Funny!"


"Darlene Hope

is skilled at handling considerable humor!"

-New York Times

Spontanaeity can be a good thing! But in a crisis moment it can backfire. In the past, I allowed fear to hold me back from creating practical strategies for accomplishing my biggest life dreams and goals. Writing them down made me feel like I could be a loser or a winner. And so to avoid possibly losing, I failed to plot any course at all, which made it an impossibility to win. Don't fall into that trap! The distance between your dreams and reality is called action. Its time to work for yourself as diligently as you work for your boss!

The story of Ruth begins with a famine, and I love it! 'Why', you ask? Because from the very beginning we know that this is no fairy tale. This is a story about real life and real people. There's no pretense here. Fearless honesty, transparency, and love - now that's a place to begin!

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The Pinnacle Project 

Are you ready to lose your crutch? Not all crutches are bad. Most begin as helpful tools for times when you are weak. But crutches have a shelf life. If you use them for too long, they'll hold you back from growing, maturing, walking, and working at your greatest potential!


A native of sunny Orlando, FL, Darlene Hope has toured throughout the US, South America and the Caribbean combining her bright and captivating performances with philanthropy & humanitarian relief. Miss Hope has performed alongside some of Broadway’s leading stars, including Tony Award nominee Brenda Braxton, Sharon Wilkins, Jeremy Hays, Quentin Darrington, and many more. Whether on stage, film, television, or with young artist mentorship, Darlene lives to encourage others to achieve their ultimate potential. She is the author of multiple plays and screenplays, and is the founder of HopeFull Productions.

Feast or Famine

Join Darlene in a 40-day journey thru the book of Ruth. Enjoy practical conversations on how to recover from loss & reconnect with your dreams!
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What's Your Crutch?

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