"Darlene Hope

is Sly, Wise & Funny!"


"Darlene Hope

is skilled at handling considerable humor!"

-New York Times


Reviews for Normalcy by Bennett Windheim (Off-Broadway)

"Supporting cast members, particularly Darlene Hope as an adoption agent, are skilled in handling the considerable humor." --The NY Times

"As Catherine, Hope is sly, wise, and funny." --Backstage

"When the Ehrlichs meet with an African-American social worker [Darlene Hope] to begin the adoption process, the heart of the piece becomes more clear and painfully funny." --NYtheatre.com

"Catherine, (Darlene Hope), the adoption agency social worker, and Aiesha, (Lisha Mckoy) are standouts. Ms. Hope captures and balances the humorous moments with the more serious, confrontational segments. She asks the hard questions and gives the couple (and the audience) much to think about." --Theatrelife.com

"The best of the bunch is the support [cast]: Hope...makes the most of it, and her performance is heartfelt." --Asbury Park Press

"The play picks up significant steam when the couple meets with social worker, Catherine (Darlene Hope), a black woman who encounters August Wilson-loving, Langston Hughes-appreciating white couples like them every day. Her job is to find suitable homes for countless underserved black children and she is ruthless in her determination to make sure these prospective parents will be prepared for what’s to come. Like the majority of prospective adoptive parents, Sarah and Peter are looking for an infant, but Catherine expertly plays on their insistence that they want to make a difference for a deserving child and convinces them to spend time with a seven year old boy with attention deficit disorder, as he would be available immediately." --BroadwayWorldType your paragraph here.

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